Edwards Engineering manufactures TETCO Geothermal, Edwards Chillers, Vapor Recovery Systems, and Hydronic Heating and Cooling Systems.

Chiller Solutions provides air conditioning and process chillers from 1/2 to 500 Tons. Chiller Solutions standard line of Edwards chillers are easily customized to provide the best solution to your cooling needs. Process chillers designs cascade down to -110F.
We also manufacture Vapor Recovery Systems for recondensing chemical and petroleum vapors to be reused as liquid; Edwards geothermal heat pump - TETCO units, OMEGA dehumidification systems for pool heating, and ventilation requirements; Edwards valance heating and valance cooling.

The Edwards Co-Axial Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger consists of longitudinal, spirally-wound applied fins, solder-bonded to the inner tube with an outer tube serving as a shell.

Edwards Engineering builds excellence into every project it undertakes. As a full-service contractor, it provides an integrated solution to your heating, refrigeration, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.